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Dawn Sarver


Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome to 4th grade! I am Mrs. Sarver, your child’s Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and Social Studies teacher. I am looking forward to building a collaborative relationship with you in order to have an exciting and productive year. I will summarize some of the major areas of interest in my fourth grade classroom. As you read it, jot down any questions you might have. 

Home/School Communication:
Good communication between the home and school is vital to promote a healthy relationship between all of us. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions, comments, concerns, or information about your child. There are several options for communication between us:

Email:  I check my email in the morning and before I turn the computer off as I leave the classroom in the afternoon. I will return emails as soon as possible and am very timely with this type of communication. If you sign up for Class Dojo, I get the messages immediately. Traditionally, this has been my quickest form of communication.

Notes: I check the Daily Folder (homework notebook) for notes each morning. I will write a reply in the Binder Reminder when I have read the note. If you are changing the way your child goes home, you must write a note before a change of transportation can take place. If your child is absent, you must write an excuse within in 48 hours or it will be entered as unexecused.

Telephone Calls: The school telephone number is (936)258-2535. When you call the school, the secretaries and clerks will take a message and place it in my message pocket. I will check for messages when I am able to go to the teachers’ workroom. If I have duty or obligations that prevent me from going to the workroom, I may not receive the message immediately after your telephone call. In addition, I will return the call after my class has been dismissed and/or other school duties are completed. 

The fourth grade teachers feel that homework is an integral part of the school curriculum. It serves as an important link between school and home to keep the families informed about the student’s learning, as well as reinforcing and extending what has been taught in the classroom. Assignments are never sent home without an explanation having been given in class. Your child will have homework every night, Monday through Thursday, which will include reading for 20 minutes Every fourth grader will receive a Daily Binder. This is a great organizational tool that we use to record the homework assignments each day, as well as communications. 


You can not make people read.. Any more than you can make them love, or dream. 

Daniel Pennac






Dawn Sarver

Upcoming Events

Invitations sent out via google

Hello all,

If you are in my class for the 2018/2019 school year, I have already sent out invitations to join my google classroom.  Within my google classroom, you will find posts that allow you to join some of the educational websites I will be using this year.  I have already created assessments and assignments if you want to get a jumpstart on fourth grade.  Looking forward to having an excellent year.

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