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My goal, as your child's first grade teacher, is to further develop the love of reading in your child. Reading should be fun and of high interest, so much, that your child will want to pick up a book and dive into the story with a smile.

Our reading program is composed of many elements. We begin with a series of pre-selected big books from our school bookroom. Big books are a way to model what good readers do. This method is called Shared Reading, whole group, where everyone is able to enjoy the literature together. Through this process, your child will build from prior experiences, while developing vobabulary, comprehension, and increasing their appreciation for different types of literature. 

Another reading strategy is Guided Reading; your child will be reading leveled readers from our classified bookroom. Your child will be given the freedom to choose his or her book according to their reading level. Daily your child will be reading in groups of three or four. Through out the year, your child will experience opportunities to be successful.

Your child will bring home readers for practice. The stories build in a progressive mannner enabling your child to build a bank of vocabulary words as well as develop his or her comprehension skill. I strongly encourage you to listen to your child read every night. By May, your child's goal is read 60 words per minute and read on level 16. I will be conducting a weekly running record report. A Start test will be administered during the school year to assess your child's fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension growth. 


Each Monday your child will have a new homework packet with spelling words, sight words, and a dictation sentnece. Please practice with your child a few minutes each night. Sentence dictation will also be included with the spelling list. The sight words will be an oral test. Your child will write the sentence  correctly including punctuation. 

Phonemic  Awareness

Your child will explore sounds through a variety of fun and educational activities. It is important for your child to understand how manipulating sounds can help them become stronger and more independent readers.


In order for your child to become a more fluent and successful reader, he or she should be able to use a variety of reading strategies. Phonics is another strategy we incorporate into our reading program. By using real and nonsense words, your child will increase his or her knowledge for sounding out words and looking for patterns within words.


During the year, I will introduce and reinforce multiple language objectives in a variety of ways. Your child will experience board work, workbook assignments, and games to think outside the box. The objectives are nouns, adjectivpitalizationes, verbs, captalization, punctuation, ABC order, and contractions.


Reading is very important in first grade.  Your child will be going up at least 12 reading levels by the end of the year, any other grade they go up only one or two levels.  Enclosed you will find a packet of word lists.  The goal is to master the word by the end of the year.

I will be testing your child on their ability to read the list.  Every student will start on list A.  Once A is mastered they will be expected to study and master list B, and so on so forth. These word lists are high frequency words. They are found in almost every book your child will read this year. Mastering the word list will allow them to read those words with ease. This will allow your child to be a more confident reader.

Every Friday I will assess will your child is on their  reading list. I will write on the paper the results and the list they should study for the next test.  As long as they have mastered 80% of the list, they will move on to the next list.  But, however, they will still need to study the words that were missed until they are fully mastered. 

As always, I thank you for your support and if you have any questions please feel free to call or email.  (281) 421-1885


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