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Reading Resources

Practice Language Arts

Build Fluency

Using the Fry Phrases, your child will read at a faster pace. The phrases are common phrases that are found together in many texts. 

Reading Questions

Wait! Don't just close the book when your child is finished reading.

Your child is reading when he or she can tell you about what they just read. Comprehension is key! Here are some questions to guide you at home.

Phonics Reference

Attached you will find phonics reading rules and sounds. You will find this information helpful when reading with your child at home. Please make flashcards of these sounds. Reviewing them frequently will aid your child in decoding difficult and unfamiliar words.



Dawn Sarver

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Dawn Sarver

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Google Classroom


Students must join the classroom by following the link , but also parents can join the classroom too.  You would have to register twice, once with student log in then again with parent’s email.

Invitations sent out via google

Hello all,

If you are in my class for the 2018/2019 school year, I have already sent out invitations to join my google classroom.  Within my google classroom, you will find posts that allow you to join some of the educational websites I will be using this year.  I have already created assessments and assignments if you want to get a jumpstart on fourth grade.  Looking forward to having an excellent year.

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