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Classroom Management System

Dear Parents,

    In order to guarantee your child and all students in our class the excellent educational climate they deserve, I will not allow any student to disrupt me from teaching nor another from learning.  Therefore, in our classroom, the following discipline plan will be utilized:


Talk and act with Respect

Hands, feet and objects to yourself

Stay in seat, sit safely

Follow directions on the first time given

Control your voice

Stay on task



Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with one of the following:

1.  Praise/ Positive notes

2.  Teacher helper

3.  Phone calls home

4.  VIP bucket*

   We will be going over the rules the first week of class, as well as throughout the year.

*Each week a student showing exemplary behavior will get to use the VIP bucket for the following week.


Dawn Sarver

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Dawn Sarver

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Google Classroom


Students must join the classroom by following the link , but also parents can join the classroom too.  You would have to register twice, once with student log in then again with parent’s email.

Invitations sent out via google

Hello all,

If you are in my class for the 2018/2019 school year, I have already sent out invitations to join my google classroom.  Within my google classroom, you will find posts that allow you to join some of the educational websites I will be using this year.  I have already created assessments and assignments if you want to get a jumpstart on fourth grade.  Looking forward to having an excellent year.

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