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The SFA Singers is made up of 4th and 5th grade students who have chosen to participate! All are welcome! This is an extra-curricular activity that students can participate in that helps them encourage their love of music and singing! I expect good behavior and a willingness to participate so we can make great progress in each and every rehearsal!


4th Graders will rehearse TUESDAY MORNINGS 7:45-8:15

5th Graders will rehearse THURSDAY MORNINGS 7:45-8:15


We will have only ONE performance during the school day this year.

Our concert will be December 17 @ 2:30 here at SFA!

Our musical selections are songs from the book “Karaoke Christmas”! This is a half year commitment for your child but one where they need to attend as many practices as possible. So please discuss this with them and be certain they will want to be a part of this fun group and dedicated to working hard in each rehearsal! 

***Letters to join the SFA Singers have already been sent home. Membership letters are due no later than September 13th!*** 

First set rehearsals will be September 17th (4th graders) and September 19th (5th graders)


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