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Important Information

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!



Teacher: Mrs. Mincey (formerly Ms. Zeiler)

Room Number: 4

SFA Phone Number: 936-258-2535

Email Address:

Bus Barn Number: 936-258-7993

Child Nutrition Number: 936-257-4113


Classroom Information


School Hours:

Classes will begin at 8:00 and dismiss at 3:40.  Students may not enter the building before 7:45. Please make every effort to be on time.


Car Riders / Bus Riders:

Drop off and pick up car riders at the front of the building ONLY.  You must post your car rider sign in the front window of your car and remain in your car for pickup.   Parents without the window sign will have to park in the parking lot and walk to the office to sign out their child (ID must be shown when checking out a student). Only buses may use the back entrance.



Please do not send medicine to school with your child!  Parents should bring medicine to school and give it to the school nurse.  The teacher does not administer medicine.  Make sure to place your child’s full name on the medicine with specific directions for dosage and give a contact number.


Breakfast / Lunch:

Place lunch money in your child’s binder with a note explaining the purpose of the money. Your child may eat breakfast and/or lunch at school.  They may purchase meals in advance, bring lunch money daily or bring a lunch from home.  Our class will have lunch from 10:40- 11:10.  You may eat lunch with your child in the cafeteria after the first two weeks of school.

The price of lunch is         $2.35

Breakfast                  $1.40


Checks are accepted and may be made payable to SFA Cafeteria. You can also pay for lunch online.


Please make sure to submit any paperwork for free and reduced meals as soon as possible and check your child's account periodically to ensure they do not have outstanding charges. If you have any questions about the cafeteria food or payment please contact the Child Nutrition Department at the following number 936-257-4113.


Important Notes About Dress Code

For the 2018-2019 school year Dayton ISD will only allow mesh or clear backpacks. Backpacks cannot contain patterns or designs that hinder the ability to clearly see the contents. Mesh backpacks should be solid colors (although a secondary trim color is acceptable) and clear backpacks should not have designs that hinder visibility. Train your child to take care of their backpack and the supplies inside so that they last as long as possible.

Students should only wear clothing they can put on and take off themselves, especially when using the restroom. Students need to wear velcro or slip on shoes until they are able to tie their shoes independently. Students may be injured when walking with untied shoelaces and shoelaces will not always be retied by an adult.


Please review and help your child follow the student dress code. Also be mindful of changes in the weather when choosing clothes for school.


Communication Binder

Your child’s communication binder will be sent home daily.  Initial each day on the conduct calendar and return the binder to school.  School notes, important papers, lunch money and homework should be placed in the binder.  Please help your child to keep up with their binder and return the binder daily. Important school notes will be sent home on Thursdays, however the binder should be checked for notes DAILY. Please check backpacks and binders periodically for a routine “clean-out.”


My conference is Monday through Friday from 1:45-2:35.  You may call 936-258-2535, contact me via email (, write a note or message me in Dojo to set up a conference.  Dojo is the quickest and easiest way for me to communicate with parents.  


Behavior / Conduct

I believe in positive reinforcement and will try to regularly praise your child for appropriate behavior.  Students will receive or lose points using a class dojo system. More information will be sent on this system soon. Dojo points and conduct colors will be used to determine a final conduct grade on the report card.


The grading scale is as follows:



10+ Dojo Points

Excellent behavior. The student did not need any reminders and was an excellent example all day.

** Do not expect your child to receive purple on a daily basis. Everyone will begin their day on green and most will remain on green all day. Purple is for above and beyond behavior and is difficult to achieve.



4-9 Points

The student needed some reminders but was following class and school expectations the majority of the time.

** It is OKAY if your child loses a point or two during the day as long as they remain on green.



0-3 Points

The student needed several reminders to make good choices throughout the day. 5 minute think walk during recess time and note home.





Unsatisfactory behavior. 10- 15 minute think walk and a note or call home. Behavior may also require a MIR (minor incident report).



Each child will be responsible for his/her own snack each day. We eat an early lunch so please send a small healthy snack for your child to have in the afternoon. Fruit, veggies, and crackers are some examples of appropriate classroom snacks. If your child brings a lunch from home it is best to keep their snack in a separate container so they do not eat it at lunch time. Only clear liquids will be allowed in the classroom during snack time.



If your child is going to have a change in their method of transportation, you MUST SEND A WRITTEN NOTE!  Please avoid calling the office and requesting your child be sent home a different way.  We must have written verification. Please include the bus number if your child will be riding the bus.  Call the bus barn if you have any questions. The office is very efficient but the end of the day becomes very hectic and mistakes are easily made.  Therefore, transportation changes will not be made after 3:00.  Remember, we have about 900 children on our campus and trying to put each of these children in the right place can be an overwhelming task.

Each student will have a transportation tag attached to their backpack. If this tag falls off please send a note in the binder and return the tag (if possible) to the school the next day. All students are required to have an up to date transportation tag regardless of their mode of transportation.


Early Act First Knight (EAFK)

All elementary campuses in Dayton ISD will participate in this character education program. Students will have daily lessons about different character traits and routine assemblies led by the Dayton Rotary Club and one of the Knights from the program. The student that exemplifies the current character trait the most will be chosen from each class to be knighted at the assembly. Family members of the chosen students will be invited to the ceremony. More information to come!


Campus Visitors/Early pickup

All visitors must check in through the front office.  ALL persons picking up children early from school will be asked to show ID.  Only persons listed on your child’s emergency contact list will be allowed to pick up your child.



District rules state each class can only have one party.  Therefore, we will celebrate Christmas. We are not allowed to celebrate birthdays, however if you would like to bring a “special snack” on your child’s birthday you may drop store bought cupcakes or donuts off at the front office. We will celebrate in the last 30 minutes of class.



Your child will be counted absent if they are not present at 10:00 am.  A note for the absence will need to be received by the teacher the day the student returns to class.  If a note is not received within three days an unexcused absences will be given. Absentee notes are kept on file for the state.  Make sure your note includes the child’s full name, teacher’s name, date of absence, reason for absences and a parent signature.

**If a student misses more than 10% of the school days they will be required to pay and attend summer school in order to advance to first grade. This includes excused absences.  Please make every effort to have your child at school on time each day.



Please make every effort to have your child at school by 8:00.  After 8:15, children must have an tardy slip from the office before being admitted to class.



Homework will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday.  I have tried to keep the activities simple and fun. I encourage you to work with your child each night to reinforce the skills taught in class.  The assignments will be extremely beneficial to your child’s development.


Reading Homework (Monday- Thursday)

Once guided reading groups begin a simple book will be sent home each night in your child’s backpack.  Return the book to class each day. PLEASE take special care of the book.  Parents will be responsible for replacing damaged or lost books.


Allow your child to read this book to you.  He or she should follow along with their finger under each word.  This is called tracking and helps to correlate written words to spoken words.  Encourage your child to sound out words and/or look for picture clues. Discuss the picture and ask questions about what is being read.  Remember this is the beginning stages of reading and mistakes will be made---so only offer positive comments and lots of praise. By the end of the year, your child will amaze you with his/her reading skills.


Label Items

LABEL EVERYTHING!!!!!  MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD’S FULL NAME IS WRITTEN ON ALL ITEMS BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.  JACKETS, BACKPACKS, LUNCH KITS, BOOKS, ETC. Many items end up in the lost and found throughout the year and the easiest way to identify the owner is with a label!


Extra Clothes

Please send an extra change of clothes, including socks and underwear to school.  Place items in a large Ziploc bag with your child’s name on the outside. The clothes will be stored in their backpack in case a spill or accident should occur. Please check these clothes throughout the year and change according to the season or your childs growth.



Students are not to bring toys to school unless requested by the teacher. These toys cause distractions, get misplaced, and often end up in students losing Dojo points for misbehavior.



Parent Volunteers

All parents planning to volunteer in any capacity at our school or on field trips will be asked to scan their driver’s license at the front desk. Parents who will be chaperoning field trips or working in the school with children will need to undergo a background check through the school.


School T-shirts

Fridays are school T-shirt days.  Once the year is in progress, a class shirt will be ordered. The shirt will be worn on field trips and special events.  Please keep your child’s shirt in a safe place.


Field Trips:

There are two field trips during the school year.  One field trip will be taken in the fall and one in the spring.  You will receive more information about the field trip closer to the date of the event. Everyone is invited to attend the field trip.


Things to work on at home:

Buttoning pants, tying shoes, able to say and write full name, address, phone number with the area code, counting to 100, and birthday.


100 Club:

Join the 100 club!  Students are invited to join the 100 club when they can successfully count to 100 without assistance.  Students will receive a star on the wall when they are able to complete this task.



Our class will have a website accessible through  Information will be posted about upcoming events, kindergarten skills and class pictures.  Check it out!

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